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Don’t Mind the Fire - Issue #5

Happy mid-week, friends. Before we get into it, a brief detour in case you missed what happened yeste
April 10 · Issue #5 · View online
Don’t Mind the Fire
Happy mid-week, friends.
Before we get into it, a brief detour in case you missed what happened yesterday. In Issue #4 earlier this week I linked to the Bloomberg story on how YouTube Executives ignored warnings and let toxic videos run rampant on the platform. As if to prove the point, yesterday a live stream of a congressional hearing entitled “Hate Crimes and the Rise of White Nationalism” got bombarded with racist and anti-Semitic comments from internet users. It sometimes feels like we’re just never going to learn.
The Verge bluntly (and fairly) asks, Why didn’t Google realize that an anti-hate live stream would get overrun by hate speech? Ryan Broderick reports in BuzzFeed that at least one extremist YouTube channel that was streaming the hearings live used the Super Chat feature to ask for (and get) donations for their cause.
In a sliver of good news, while the US is holding ineffective congressional hearings, at least the UK is trying to make some real changes by arguing for more regulation in the tech industry. Also, ok fine, that black hole picture is pretty cool.
Stay safe, ok?

🕹 How we live online
Listen up bitches, it’s time to learn incorrect things about someone you’ve never heard of Listen up bitches, it’s time to learn incorrect things about someone you’ve never heard of
Could We Blow Up the Internet?
Children’s Exposure to Digital Technology Causes Parental Anxiety
Prince Harry Wants to Ban Fortnite? Here’s What He’s Missing
Screens, Teens, and Psychological Well-Being: Evidence From Three Time-Use-Diary Studies
💻 How we work online
Outsourcing Adulthood? Outsourcing Adulthood?
Inside the Dystopian Reality of China’s Livestreaming Craze
Creators find their second act with YouTube — as employees
How to fix the shocking, sexist collapse of female coders
A Man Created An Instagram About Church Leaders In Expensive Designer Shoes. It's Sending People Down An Existential Morality Spiral.
📖 Quote of the week
Consumers are trained to “want” that to which they are most continually exposed. Wants do not originate in some vague realms of the consumer’s personality; they are formed by an elaborate apparatus of jingle and fashion, of persuasion and fraud. They are shaped by the cultural apparatus and the society of which it is a part. They do not grow and change as the consumer’s sensibilities are enlarged; they are created and they are changed by the process by which they are satisfied and by which old satisfactions are made unsatisfactory. Moreover, the very canons of taste and judgment are also managed by status obsolescence and by contrived fashion. The formula is: to make people ashamed of last year’s model; to hook up self-esteem itself with the purchasing of this year’s; to create a panic for status, and hence a panic of self-evaluation, and to connect its relief with the consumption of specified commodities.
— C. Wright Mills in Man in the Middle: The Designer, his 1958 address to the International Design Conference in Aspen.

📺 Video of the week
Bohemian Rhapsody's Terrible Editing - A Breakdown
I liked Bohemian Rhapsody when I saw it, but then I watched this video, and it reminded me that one of the internet’s worst characteristics is that it tries very hard to prevent us from having nice things.

🏋️‍♂️ App of the week
Aaptiv - Workout App
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